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Digital Bros Acting Gangsta, A Utility NFT

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DBAG is a utility NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Only 20,000 DBAG NFTs will come into existence. DBAG NFT is the launchpad for our exciting MintAndTrade project and all holders will benefit from staking their DBAG on our future platform!

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A DBAG All Access Pass costs 0.15 ETH to mint and will be redeemable for 1 DBAG NFT and 1 Dope DBAG merch voucher at a later date. Please see How it works for more details. We integrated the MetaMask wallet to facilitate your DBAG All Access Pass purchase. Secure your MetaMask connection by clicking “Connect to MetaMask” in the dashboard below, accept the connection, and you will be ready to mint your DBAG All Access Pass.

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All Access Pass Includes:


1 of 20,000 unique DBAG NFT’s



NFT Drop

Future NFT drop within The Sandbox

DBAG Mansion

VIP access to our DBAG Mansion in The Sandbox

Exclusive utility

MintAndTrade Platform

The ultimate DBAG NFT utility. All holders will have voting rights on our upcoming MintAndTrade platform that enables creators from all walks of life to mint NFTs at low costs while receiving compensation.

More on MintAndTrade



Each DBAG NFT will have a unique twist when it comes to rarity. Rather than placing a label on the artwork like common, rare, or epic, the combination of all attributes will define the value of each DBAG NFT. All DBAGs have attributes with values ranging between 1 to 10, and each DBAG NFT could have up to 18 individual attributes, 10 of which are obligatory. The skin color will be the only attribute with an equally assigned rarity value of 10.

Attributes and Quantities:

Laser Eyes

1 style and 4 color variations

Sunglasses *

8 styles and 62 color and pattern variations

Hairstyles & Headwear *

29 styles and 256 color and pattern variations

Jewelry & Accessories

9 styles and 44 color and pairing variations

Facial Hair *

9 styles and 79 pairing variations


1 style and 2 color variations

Fanny Pack

1 style and 23 color and pattern variations


5 styles and 152 color and pattern variations


3 styles and 19 color and pairing variations

Nipple Rings

1 style and 2 color variations


9 styles and 15 pairing variations

Footwear *

4 styles and 207 color and pattern variations

Belt Buckle *

3 styles and 11 color variations

Pants *

1 style and 23 color and pattern variations

Skin Color *

3 skin colors

Phone *

1 style and 9 color and pattern variations

Car *

1 style and 94 color and pattern variations

Backgrounds *

16 styles and 97 color and pattern variations

* Obligatory attributes

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MintAndTrade is our upcoming parent project that enables artists, photographers, journalists, writers, musicians, content creators and more to mint NFTs at low costs while receiving compensation.

MintAndTrade features:

  •  Incredibly user-friendly
    responsive interface on both
    desktop and mobile
  •  Minting on multiple
    smart contract platforms
    (user can choose)
  •  Introduction to each platform for beginners including video tutorials
    (pros and cons of each platform)
  •  No need for a third-party crypto wallet (Metamask, etc) to buy and sell, all wallets are hosted directly on the site
  •  All private keys are
    stored offline and
    audited by third parties
  •  No need to purchase crypto to mint, mint using PayPal and all major credit cards (crypto payments will still be accepted)
  •  Liquidity pool of
    currencies used on all
    smart contract platforms
  •  Upon mint using a credit card/PayPal, the platform instantly pays gas/transaction fees using its liquidity pool of the required currency to fulfill the transaction
  •  All user accounts are validated with government-issued IDs to fight counterfeit art and copyright infringements
  •  Future MP4 support for
    viral content creators
  •  Future MP3 support for
    music producers
  •  Stake your DBAG NFT,
    get rewarded

A democratic platform, every DBAG holder has a say:

  1. Each staked DBAG holder will have voting rights on MintAndTrade initiatives and undertakings
  2. Based on the “rarity points” of each DBAG, the value of the vote will differ (1 vote per point)
  3. Quarterly airdrop equal to 5% of MintAndTrade’s minting fees into holders' wallets (paid in ETH or USDC to be voted on by DBAG holders)
  4. Each staked DBAG provides you with entries in the quarterly airdrop (1 rarity point equals 1 entry)
  5. 4,000 DBAG holders will receive the airdrop per quarter, the fewer the amount of staked DBAGs, the higher the odds of getting the airdrop


First stop - Pre-Drink (Early to mid 2022)

  • Secure all needed domains for this project and parent projects
  • Create DBAG NFT website
  • Create and finalize DBAG NFT with all attribute rarities
  • Connect project to our social media platforms
  • Acquire 4 adjacent lots in The Sandbox (85, -143) (86, -143) (85, -144) (86, -144)
  • Initiate marketing campaign for the DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS NFT
  • Unveil our MintAndTrade project

Second stop - The Club (Mid 2022 to early 2023)

  • Unveiling of our Dope DBAG Merch
  • Redeem date for DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS and DOPE DBAG MERCH NFT Voucher
  • Release MintAndTrade Roadmap and Business Plan

Third stop - After Hours (Early 2023 to mid 2023)

  • Build DBAG Mansion on our land in The Sandbox
  • Grand Opening of the DBAG Mansion (DBAG NFT needed to gain entry)
  • Digital DBAG Merch Airdrop
  • Unveiling of MintAndTrade interface and basic functionality

Fourth stop - The Morning After (Mid to late 2023)

  • MintAndTrade Beta. DBAG NFT holders will have exclusive access to our MintAndTrade Beta to gather feedback and work on improvements before launch


We’re a highly motivated, hard-working team of individuals based out of Ottawa Ontario Canada. With proven track records in our own disciplines, we consist of two driven entrepreneurs with backgrounds in finance and crypto, one skilled artist/designer with a background in digital marketing, one talented web developer specializing in SCSS, and two brilliant block-chain developers.


Mark AKA Visualkidd
Web Developer


A DBAG NFT is a digital contract within the Ethereum blockchain that is represented as an image. There will only be 20,000 DBAG NFT's generated, each of them unique, with specific attributes and metadata that cannot be copied. With one of these unique NFT’s, holders will be able to participate in the DBAG ecosystem. Upon purchasing your DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS NFT, and after redeeming your DBAG NFT, you can be confident that your NFT truly belongs to you and is digitally scarce.

July 8th, 2022

Owning a DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS NFT will make you part of an exclusive group that will have access to real-life merch and will be granted entry to our DBAG mansion in The Sandbox. The BEST utility for your DBAG NFT will be your voting rights on MintAndTrade as well as the possible airdrop of 5% of MintAndTrade’s minting fees. Should you miss out on the original launch, you may still be able to purchase a DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS on third-party websites such as OpenSea or LooksRare.

We will be selling 20,000 DBAG ALL ACCESS PASSES that can be redeemed at a later time for a DBAG NFT and DOPE DBAG MERCH NFT Voucher.

We integrated the MetaMask wallet on our website to facilitate your DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS purchase. Simply click on “Connect to MetaMask” and accept the connection, and you will be ready to purchase your DBAG ALL ACCESS PASS.

0.15 ETH